Get to Know Roswell

Tune into our podcast and find out what's happening in Roswell.

We started a podcast that takes a deeper dive into our city. We chat with partners from around Roswell to get to know the people behind-the-scenes and find out more about their amazing locations. Hear from restaurant owners, directors at attractions, partners within the City of Roswell, and so many more. We're just getting started so tag along on this journey. We hope this inspires you to visit Roswell, Georgia at your natural pace.

Tune in every other Monday for the newest episode.

Listed below are our most recent podcasts and an introduction to Visit Roswell. Find our full library on the platforms listed below.

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Episode 1:

Welcome to the Visit Roswell Podcast! We start off with our own Executive Director, Andy Williams. Andy explains what Visit Roswell is and welcomes you to our new adventure, the podcast.

Episode 12:

This week we sit down with Tim Stevens of From the Earth Brewing Company. Listen in as we talk about the food, beer, live music and events at Roswell's favorite brewpub. You'll want to head there soon as we talk about the delicious rotating menu.

Episode 11:

This week we chat with Roswell General about the idea behind their store and the importance of community. Learn more about their products, events, and where they seem themselves heading. Roswell General is a great addition to downtown Roswell and we hope you enjoy hearing about them.

Episode 10:

Check out all the buzz surrounding one of Roswell's newest businesses, 5/4 Meadery. Mead is growing in popularity around the country and Sean Walcek and his family decided to open one up here in Roswell. We're excited for you to hear more about them and to go check them out.

Episode 9:

This week we chat with the Director of the Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs department, Jeff Leatherman. Hear more about Roswell's parks and historic assets, the numerous programs the department coordinates, the River Master Plan, and how pickleball might be taking Roswell by storm.

Episode 8:

2020 was a whirlwind especially for restaurants and event venues. Hear from two Roswell business owners to find out how they adapted through the year. Sunny Baily with Naylor Hall and Ryan Pernice with RO Hospitality.

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