Crafting Roswell Podcast

Crafting Roswell Podcast

Tune into our podcast and find out what's happening in Roswell.

We started a podcast that takes a deeper dive into our city. We chat with partners from around Roswell to get to know the people behind-the-scenes and find out more about their amazing locations. Hear from restaurant owners, directors at attractions, partners within the City of Roswell, and so many more. We're just getting started so tag along on this journey. We hope this inspires you to visit Roswell, Georgia at your natural pace.

Listed below are our most recent podcasts and an introduction to Visit Roswell. Find our full library on the platforms listed below.

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Start off with our first podcast for an introduction to Visit Roswell and Roswell, GA.

Episode 1:

Welcome to the Visit Roswell Podcast! We start off with our own Executive Director, Andy Williams. Andy explains what Visit Roswell is and welcomes you to our new adventure, the podcast.

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Episode 19:

This week Visit Roswell and Roswell Inc sit down and talk all things Summer Sippin'. Summer Sippin' is a fun drink competition that happens during the summer in Roswell. There are 50 participating locations around Roswell this year. Tune in to hear more about it. Going on now through August 31st.

Episode 18:

Roswell is lucky to be home to so much history and has a few historic houses that you can tour. One house, Mimosa Hall, is going a different route. The Friends of Mimosa Hall are aiming for it to be the oldest net-zero house in the United States. Tune in as we chat with Kelly Callen and Simone du Boise and hear the history and what's ahead for Mimosa Hall.

Episode 17:

Tune in this week as we talk with Dena Bush, Historic Assets Manager with Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs. We dig in to what a visit to the Historic House Museums look like now, what the grand plan is for Mimosa Hall and how to enjoy all of Roswell's historic assets.

Episode 16:

Small businesses make up the backbone of Roswell and you see that while walking around town. This week we chat with Lilly Sage Apothecary's owner, Carol McEwin about her products, the process that goes in to making them and also the community that's been created around her store.

Episode 15:

Roswell is home to the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Tune in to this week's podcast to hear why they chose Roswell, what to expect on the course and the fun you can have along the course.

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