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We love our Roswell events, especially the wide variety offered throughout our community. We receive a lot of submissions for event listings on our website. To save time and energy, here are a few pointers as you submit your event for consideration:

The first thing we're going to ask is, "Does this event take place in the city limits of Roswell."

Next, and most important, "Would a tourist in our destination enjoy an event like this?" At the very least, "Would a tourist seek this out?"

Please refrain from submitting any real estate events or those that promote a specific business for the purpose of lead generation or sales opportunities. For example, we won't list a cell phone service provider who wants to give out free hamburgers and hot dogs to get customers through the doors.

If yours is a multi-day event, please choose “All Day Event” and list the specific date/time details in the “Event Details” section.

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