Roswell CVB | Recreational Tree Climbing
June 09 - June 09

Recreational Tree Climbing

This tree climbing workshop offers a professionally guided experience into the canopy for climbers of all ages.

Our introductory tree climbing courses are ideal for individuals or groups down to 6 years of age. These programs will provide an "soft adventure" into the tree tops at Art Center West. Ropes will be set up ahead of time, and participants will be given a brief introduction and demonstration before ascending using the Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT). We provide professional climbing gear including saddles and helmets. Participants can make the experience as relaxing or challenging as they like. First time tree climbers generally find an unexpected sense of joy and exhilaration in the canopy…experienced climbers call it "tree time." Leaves rustling, birds singing and the gentle movement of the branches create wonderful moments that you’ll treasure always.

Upcoming Dates
  • Sunday, June 9