Roswell CVB | MeSSes: Interactive Juggling and Acrobatic Show
June 29 - June 30

MeSSes: Interactive Juggling and Acrobatic Show

Thrills, spills, and lessons about life and the virtues of an occasional mess!

Bring the whole family to this thrilling interactive juggling event! In moments between acts, Janoah the Jester guides the audience through the essentials: throwing, catching, and especially “messy-ing” up! ​Precarious unicycle pathways, jaw-dropping juggling, mesmerizing motions, meticulously prepared hot beverages … Janoah tosses it all together to tell a tale of teaching, learning, and the virtue of making messes and cleaning up afterwards!

  • Admission:

    Tickets: $12 (Children under 2 years are free) Purchase Tickets Online

  • Location: Roswell Cultural Arts Center
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • 950 Forrest Street
  • Roswell, GA, 30075
Upcoming Dates
  • Sunday, June 30

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