Roswell CVB | Fall: The Best Time to Plant Trees
October 26

Fall: The Best Time to Plant Trees

Learn how to plan for and plant landscape trees.

Sandra Shave, a North Fulton Master Gardener discusses the many benefits trees offer to homeowners and the communities in which they live. Shade, privacy, windbreak, beauty, and increased property values are some. However, these benefits are only enjoyed when you plant the right tree in the right place. Sandra will share with you her experience and knowledge of the most important planning tips to consider before picking your landscape trees, the best techniques for planting your tree, and great trees for an urban environment. This is a three-part lecture series presented in conjunction between the Historic Parks and Gardens of the Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department, and the North Fulton Master Gardeners. The purpose of the lecture series is to encourage enthusiasm and awareness of our natural environment, gardening, native plants, and the broader role of trees within our landscape development. Within the past couple of years, the City of Roswell has introduced priorities recognizing the importance and role of native plants within our city landscape, tree canopies, and green spaces. In collaboration with North Fulton Master Gardeners, three public lectures in October will explore specific topics for the beginning gardener as well as the enthusiast. Expert gardeners will discuss how to incorporate native plants into your own garden, prepare bulbs for a spring garden, and the role and value of trees within overall landscape design. Participants will enjoy both informative conversations as well as practical steps to activate from knowledgeable and established gardeners. North Fulton Master Gardeners, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to educate its members and the public in the areas of horticulture and ecology in order to promote and foster community enrichment. NFMG assists The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension by providing unbiased horticultural information to Georgians through volunteer community service and educational gardening projects using applied research and the resources of The University of Georgia. NFMG Volunteers are trained and certified by The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

  • Admission: free
  • Location: Barrington Hall
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
  • 535 Barrington Dr
  • Roswell, GA, 30075