Roswell CVB | Local Holiday Shopping
Posted November 16

Local Holiday Shopping

Taking time to shop for holiday gifts at locally owned Roswell stores makes a difference.

The holiday season is fast approaching and after the tumultuous times that 2020 has brought everyone, we're hoping the holidays bring some joy and light to finish out the year. Find some great personalized gifts for your friends and loved ones at these Roswell shops either in-person or online (find the full list here).

Roswell has an eclectic mix of shops that range from antiques, consignment, boutiques and specialty, we're positive you'll find something for those on your list. The holidays might not be the same this year with get-togethers, however, you can still make someone's day with a thoughtful gift.

For the brother who went old-school

Who knew that record players and vinyls would come back? Well, they have and in a BIG way. Head to Mojo Vinyl and search their collection for the perfect record. They feature rock, blues, jazz and alt-rock artists. You'll probably come up with a few you want to keep yourself.

Mojo Vinyl

For the aunt who loves to host

From Sir with Love brings hosting to another level. Find Roswell gifts, stationery, candles and calligraphy monogram artisan boards (these were featured in the 2020 Southern Living Holiday Guide!) at this cute store on the square.

From Sir With Love

For the friend who likes a treasured find

Venture into The Board of Trade and you'll come across furniture, home decor, jewelry and pieces with a storied past. Have fun searching in this unique consignment shop for the perfect find.

The Board of Trade

For the mom who is a chef at heart

Walk into Oli+Ve on Canton Street and you know it's something special. Olive oils and balsamic vinegars line the walls waiting to be added to your favorite dishes. Grab something to spice up a chicken dish or to pair with ice cream, either way you won't be disappointed.


For the uncle who loves outdoor gear

Roswell General feels like an old general store with tons of products you want to take time looking at. You'll find Big Green Egg, Yeti, Kavu and more brands to step up his grilling and camping game.

Roswell General

For the cousin who seeks out natural products

You feel right at home once you walk into Lilly Sage Apothecary. Take your time to look around as there are interesting and good-smelling products everywhere. Check out the product line by Lilly Sage for soaps, lotions, skin care products and essential oils.

Lilly Sage Apothecary

Make gift giving extra special by supporting local businesses this holiday season. Purchase gift cards to restaurants, visit the attractions, rent bikes to enjoy the parks, or create gift baskets with local craft beer or bottles curated from a local wine shop. There are plenty of ways to shop local and the creativity of the gift makes it all the more fun.