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Plan Your Visit

At Your Natural Pace

Before you begin your trek around Roswell, be sure to check out our digital visitors guide to plan out your visit. Our mobile Visitor Information tent pops up in different locations each week so stop by and get more information - locations will be noted on the website each week.

Digital Visitors Guide

Mark Your Calendar

Roswell is known for its jam-packed calendar of events throughout the entire year. From street festivals, to food trucks, to concert series, to art festivals, and everything in-between, we've got you covered. Check out our constantly-updated calendar to find a full list of events and activities,... learn more

At Your Service

We're glad you found us. Take time to meet some of the locals in this charming city filled with tons of natural resources, top-notch dining, vibrant events and community spirit. Kick back and stay a couple nights. That "Southern Hospitality" you've heard so much about is as good as it gets in... learn more