Roswell CVB | Exploring Canton Street
Posted July 02 | by Danielle Purdie

Exploring Canton Street

I recently had the chance to go exploring on Canton Street with Mandy, one of my coworkers.

Now, I haven’t been able to get to all of it (and that may take a while since there’s so many restaurants to try), but I was able to make it to a few places. One thing I love about Canton Street, is that the shops and restaurants are in old homes that have been fixed up and converted for their current uses it gives the street a distinctly southern feel.

First, we stopped at Linen & Flax Clothing (L&F). This boutique welcomes visitors with comfy porch swing beds out front just waiting to be sat on. The clothing in L&F looks super comfortable and lightweight, which is great for the summertime heat, but it really could work anytime since you never know what this Georgia weather will do. There’s also an L&F home store just down the street. So make sure to go check that out too.

Next up, Steel & Cotton. This home store offers décor, lighting, furniture, small gift ideas, and has a room of children’s items too. If you’re looking to add unique pieces to your home, stop by and see what they have in store for you.

Inside Steel & Cotton, Canton Street, Roswell, GA

Last stop before lunch, Raiford Gallery. Let me just say, wow. The building itself is gorgeous; a two story wooden structure with a beautiful interior and windows that bring in so much light. Then, once I was able to stop staring at the building, I could focus on the pottery, artwork and jewelry. The jewelry is what really caught my attention, beautiful handmade pieces of all kinds of designs. I will definitely be going back to look for myself and for gifts. Just looking around made me really appreciate the work and creativity that goes into making jewelry.

Inside Raiford Gallery, Canton Street, Roswell, GA

After Raiford Gallery, we crossed a little alleyway behind the building and went to Adele’s for some Cajun food. This place was delicious. We tried the appetizer of the day, Pimento Grit Sticks, a muffaletta sandwich, and to top it off, beignets for dessert.

Beignets at Adele's on Canton Street, Roswell, GA

It was a full afternoon and so fun to explore part of Canton Street.

Until next time,