Roswell CVB | Big Screens + Bold Bites
Posted September 16 | by Joe Duffy

Big Screens + Bold Bites

A look at Roswell’s best gameday spots.

Zero score and about four years ago, I was shooting the breeze with popular Roswell denizen Scott Long on Canton Street at Alive After 5, now known as Alive in Roswell. We were in accordance with our veneration on how Canton Street matured into an epicenter of merriment.

I asserted the only thing conspicuous by its absence in downtown Roswell was sports bars. We venerate SEC football in this area, you may have discerned. In what seemed like a two-minute drill, downtown Roswell went from zero to three rightful sports bars in no time following said assembly of the masterminds. I’m sure it was a coincidence, but I still would like to seize credit for the brainstorm anyway. My voice does carry, and I said it loudly.

But this fantastic town isn’t just about Canton Street. With the criterion being multi-TVs to observe as many games as possible, here are the premier places to occupy all day and night Saturday and Sunday to catch endless football contests.

I will commence with the short Canton Street crawl of Rock n’ Taco, Lola’s Burger and Tequila Bar, and Loyal Tavern.

Photo Credit: Rock N' Taco

Rock ‘n’ Taco:
Conceivably the most enormous and grand big screen this side of the Battery, I and more than 100 of my best friends watched the Braves World Series clinching contest here. However multiple TVs are on for those of us who won’t settle for just one gridiron contest. Check out their virtual “self-walking tour.”

The Indigo Girls, from nearby Decatur, assert that, “There’s nothing like home and nothing more pleasing that the Southland in the springtime.” That musical alliteration is better than “Southland in the autumn/fall” but tough to beat Roswell in the fall. Accordingly, Rock ‘n’ Taco boasts an indoor/outdoor bar and breezeway to take advantage of when the weather cooperates.

Need some rock with your pigskin contests? One of the best stages in the area complements the cozy chairs and ample TVs. They also serve Georgia’s own Chance IPA from Wild Leap out of Lagrange, a beer that should be more widely available in these parts.

Photo Credit: Lola's Burger & Tequila Bar

Lola’s Burger & Tequila Bar: Allen Barnhart, the Multi-Unit Leader of Clean Plate Restaurants, which owns Lola’s, justifiably asserts their extraordinary big screen is as majestic as any sports cinema. Without paralleling spec sheets, the resolution on their main telly is as pleasing as the southland in the autumn.

Chow down on Latin corn or loaded onion loaf while cheering for the Bulldogs, Falcons, and GA Tech. Lola’s also complements the entertainment with a musician, often a solo artist on the modest stage.

Photo Credit: Loyal Tavern

Loyal Tavern:
Sister restaurant of Loyal Q and Brew, their Canton Street watering hole syntheses their barbecue with other conventional bar food essentials. You must go big or go home on Canton Street, so like their neighbors in the southern end of Canton Street, their video setup in quality and quantity in inspiring.

But it’s not all Canton Street all the time. There are several other taverns with multiple televisions:

Houck’s Grille:
Though local restaurant icon Billy Houck has eased into retirement, his legacy lives on at his namesake restaurant. If your “for amusement only” football picks aren’t covering like they ought, converse with stellar mixologist Simi. He’ll cheer you up (perhaps literally and figuratively) with his large cache of stories from his years in the industry. One day, maybe he will do a podcast, Simi Speaks, about his legendary tales in the trade.

Want to dominate trivia while viewing the Braves shoot for consecutive World Series Championships? Tuesday night features the best emcee in the business, Gabi Koeplin in Bill’s Room. If you time things right, you can catch Roswell’s top bartender in history, Isabel when she’s home from college break.

Photo Credit: Taco Mac

Taco Mac: Our town’s Highway 92 is bookended with Taco Macs in both the Crabapple sector of west Roswell and East Roswell. This Atlanta institution presented an ample beer selection long prior to it turning fashionable. Both Roswell locations sport copious tubes for viewing. Like every rational person, of course I’m a blue cheese man when it pertains to wings. But there is an exception to every rule. T-Mac creates the best ranch dressing you’ll ever plunge your wing into.

Photo Credit: Mazzy's

Mazzy’s Sports Bar & Grille: The Roz needs a public house for west coast viewing too. I’ll bet many of you love Pac-12, MWC, and WAC football. The Alpharetta Highway location keeps the drinks and TVs flowing until 2 AM. Despite my endless research on said topic, your loyal sports bar stringer has not counted televisions at any hotspot. But Mazzy’s may have more TVs than any alternative nearby.

Need to stay ambulatory while rooting? Mazzy’s has you covered (so to speak) with both at least five dart boards and sundry pool tables for your indulgence. Don’t you worry, TVs are strategically placed in the play areas for multi-taskers.

There are countless other possibilities for one big game. While not as many TVs as the sports themed counterparts, for rooting on the Falcons, Dawgs another other big games, consider From the Earth. They pull it off as a top shelf brewery, restaurant, and music venue, with TVs at the bar.

Chef/owner Marc Wegman relocated to our town following Hurricane Katrina. Wegman’s Bayou Louisiana Kitchen is the gathering spot for LSU and Saints football. But don’t hold that against him. This is one of the top restaurants in the state for Nawlins cuisine.

I’ve watched sporting events at a few Marlow’s locations. The Crossville Road spot in West Roswell is another place for good food, beer, and televisions.

In the last decade, Roswell hath burst with food and beverage options. As this guide documents, faithful sports fans have no lack of TV-laden saloons. As Georgia’s football and the Braves look to repeat as champions, the Hawks to continue to progress as a young team and the Falcons…well not sure what to root for with them. But you won’t lack a nearby winner to view them.


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