Crafting Roswell Podcast

Crafting Roswell Podcast

Tune into our podcast and find out what's happening in Roswell.

We started a podcast that takes a deeper dive into our city. We chat with partners from around Roswell to get to know the people behind-the-scenes and find out more about their amazing locations. Hear from restaurant owners, directors at attractions, partners within the City of Roswell, and so many more. We're just getting started so tag along on this journey. We hope this inspires you to visit Roswell, Georgia at your natural pace.

Listed below are our most recent podcasts and an introduction to Visit Roswell. Find our full library on the platforms listed below.

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Start off with our first podcast for an introduction to Visit Roswell and Roswell, GA.

Episode 1:

Welcome to the Visit Roswell Podcast! We start off with our own Executive Director, Andy Williams. Andy explains what Visit Roswell is and welcomes you to our new adventure, the podcast.

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Episode 26:

This week we chat with Cat Kays Plant with A Peach of a Party. Tune in to hear how Cat and her team changed direction from a long-running catering company to a storefront with ready-made-casseroles and other goodies here in Roswell.

Episode 25:

Tune in this week as we chat with Chris Ward all about Alive in Roswell. This favorite family-friendly event is back for 2022. Hear about the vendors, activities and new things in store for this year. Alive in Roswell happens on the third Thursday each month April - October.

Episode 24:

This week we chat with Nathan Sears all about Bike Roswell and their upcoming event, Roswell Moves! This fun, family-friendly event takes over Canton Street in Roswell on April 24. Tune in to learn more and make plans to attend.

Episode 23:

Tune in this week as we talk with the Roswell Woman's Club about their Spring Home and Garden Tour coming up on April 23, 2022. Hear about the homes and what you can expect to experience while on the tour.

Episode 22:

This week's episode we sit down with a few different people to talk about live music and the Roswell Arts Fund Pop-Up Concert Series. Jake Xerxes Fussel, Brent Walburn, Ghila Sanders, and Scott Hitch all join in the conversation. Listen in as Jake and Brent talk about Southern Folk music and how Jake got his start. Then we'll transition into talking about the pop-up concerts with Ghila and Scott.

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