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Posted September 06 | by Joe Duffy

Taco the Town

A taco's favorite music? Wrap.

As Rowell continues to flourish as one of the topmost grubbing destinations in Greater Atlanta, arguably the most ubiquitous food item could be tacos, which are exhibited in countless varieties. Taco Tuesdays may be the best alliteration but not necessarily the premier iteration.

I cannot present taco puns that have not been (b)eaten into the ground. Thus, time to go headfirst into Roswell’s imposing tortilla and shell scene.

Photo Credit: Taco Takeout

Taco Takeout: A relative newcomer has gotten East Roswell out of its shell with authentic choices. Perhaps most noteworthy is that they have some of the premier birria tacos in the metro area. Don’t allow the moniker to mislead you. There is ample seating in the no-frills canteen.

Mr. Taco: They’ve been issuing topnotch tacos for longer than most in Roswell. The marvelous quality is corresponded with a notable catalog of selections.

Photo Credit: Cylantros

Cylantros: Rightfully beloved for their Venezuelan cuisine, do not neglect the Mexican side of the menu, which incorporates eight tasteful taco selections.

Casa Robles: Master restaurateur Ryan Pernice superintends three of Roswell’s premier eating destinations, the newest a tapas purveyor on Oak Street. Well-liked at their pre-opening popups, tacos have enhanced the delectable menu.

Elaina’s: Another long-time staple that candidly deserves considerably more adulation beyond just the dedicated enthusiasts in the Mexican community.

Rock n Taco: Megastar mixologist Jess will take great care of you at this social hotspot, which is also a first-class music venue and sports bar, featuring one of the largest big screens this side of the Battery. For those who fancy the hard-shell Americanized type, this modish destination is for you.

Lola’s Burger Bar: Lola’s must also enter the chat when it comes to big screens and pleasurable stomping grounds. Chow down on their Latin beef tacos. GM Anna Porto labors unending hours to ensure it’s one of the prodigious haunts on Canton Street. Effort to catch rising star Stephanie Berlanga when she stages her solo act here.

Taqueria San Pancho: As noble as it gets when it comes to “bang for the buck.” They are yet another institution with merited longevity in the Roz.

A-Pollo: Among the hidden gems in Roswell, they helped soothe the loss of Leito’s in that identical spot. Diners should capitalize on the uncommon offerings on the taco bill of fare.

Cocina Sofia: Situated within Supermercado Jalisco, this is another time-honored choice. Roswell is privileged to be home to one of its select addresses.

Taqueria Tsunami: The ultimate fusion taco joint, it is also a hip party choice on the East Side.

Photo Credit: Taqueria La Poblanita

Taqueria La Poblanita: They were a bastion in the Roswell Latin Plaza before it was flattened for the impending Southern Post. After provisionally setting up shop at Azteca Groceria, they unsealed a full-service bistro near Hugo’s.

Cafeteria Tia Roseta: Virtuous Honduran and Salvadoran cooking with tacos among Mexican alternatives.

Photo Credit: Fresco Cantina

Fresco Cantina: A good pick for Americanized tacos, with options such as Buffalo and fried chicken.

Photo Credit: Hola Taqueria

Hola Taqueria & Bar: Not all the voguish hangouts are on Canton Street. Gourmet American-friendly tacos, including uber-popular birria.

Rojo Cocina Mexicana: One of the most well-liked restaurants on the western end of Roswell, tacos are amid the Tex-Mex standbys.

Photo Credit: Papas & Beer

Papas and Beer Mexican: With numerous locales in South Carolina, they chose Crabapple for their initial shop beyond the Palmetto State.

Ceviche Taqueria & Margarita Bar: One of the original al fresco dining possibilities on Canton Street, Mexicali seafood is amongst the best alternatives.

El Zarape: Another long-standing Roswell destination has a sizable selection of seafood tacos.

Photo Credit: Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant: With locations throughout metro Atlanta for decades, Holcomb Bridge Road is home to arguably the most familiar name in suburban Tex-Mex.

Zest: Give Taqueria Tsunami kudos for being cutting edge with the Americanized Mexican-Asian fusion model. The up-to-date menu sees Zest hopping on the bandwagon with taco picks that include lobster and short rib.

Chef-driven restaurants often incorporate into their seasonal menus as well. In every corner of Roswell, a taco alternative is just minutes away, be it with corn or flour tortillas, or hard shells. From family oriented, to the party-centered, and fancier date-night places, the traditional Mexican food has extended into several cuisines. It is feasibly the quintessential fusion food item. Roswell, GA USA embodies this fact.