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For the first time since 1987, vinyl record sales surpassed CD sales. According to Kim Bayley, CEO of ERA, "Promotions like Record Store Day have introduced whole new generations of buyers to the format as well as re-invigorating love for the format among older audiences. Vinyl is the preferred collector format – fans love the tangibility, collectability, and warm sound of vinyl as well as the artwork."

Mojo Vinyl owner Rand Cabus with a local customer.

"It is fascinating, but perhaps unsurprising, to see vinyl officially overtake CD sales for the first time since the Eighties due to its appeal to new audiences, collectability and warmth of sound that all other formats, including digital, struggle to replicate," adds Paul Clements, CEO of MCPS.

Enter Rand Cabus, owner of Roswell's only record store, Mojo Vinyl. Located at 36 Woodstock St., Mojo Vinyl is an independent record store that stocks new and used vinyl, buys record collections and sells turntables, art and other "miscellaneous, cool stuff."

When asked what led Rand to opening up a boutique record store in the heart of historic Downtown Roswell, he filled us with great info.

Mojo Vinyl

"I’ve always been into records and stereo equipment, but I never dreamed of owning a record store. So, about 12 years ago I was looking for a retail business to open and I started reading about the budding vinyl revolution and its interesting promotional vehicle – Record Store Day. I wondered if other suburbanites would love playing records like I did. And that started me off on my development cycle."

"As they say, good retail is all about location. I wanted a strong destination with a home-grown culture and I found it. Driving down a side road in historic Roswell’s Canton Street district, I saw a 'For Rent' sign on a small space. It was only 400 sq. ft. and was in the back on the side, but it was perfect. Now I needed to design my space and create the store’s brand. I liked the term 'vinyl' as the new slang for a record. I know it gets misused and that bugs some people, but it stuck. So, I played with that and came up with Mojo Vinyl – that was it. In touring my ideal stores, I knew I wanted a coordinated look and feel. Not hodgepodge or junky."

Having a "dig"

"I didn’t have a basement full of records to sell, so I called around to some record stores outside of Atlanta and asked if I could buy some of their back stock. I struck a couple deals and purchased 1,200 records to open with. I don’t think this would happen today. Within two months, May 2011, I was ready. The next year I participated in my first Record Store Day and it was a big hit. We had two bands play in the parking lot and that became a tradition. Since then, more competition has moved in around the suburbs, business is exploding, and I love everything about vinyl records."

Record Store Day

While Mojo Vinyl has its fair share of local resident customers, as well as those from the surrounding communities, it also has more of a reach than you'd ever expect.

"I call it 'vinyl tourism' and I have customers from all around the world walk through Mojo's door," says Cabus. "Europe and Asia are the most popular. Atlanta is a great destination for business or vacation, and a massive local market to boot. Well, there’s this thing called the internet. It's magic!"

Mojo Vinyl

Of course, a major part of the atmosphere of any good record store is the tunes its proprietors choose to play as customers move from crate to crate. Lately for Rand, it's jazz and good old fashioned classic rock.

"Currently my favorite artist is the early work of jazz musician Cannonball Adderley. I play him every morning to start my day. For rock’n’roll, as Mike Damone says, '…whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.' You can’t go wrong."

As for his favorite quote by a famous artist or musician, it's all about Lennon.

Mojo Vinyl is located at 36 Woodstock St in historic Roswell, Georgia. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00AM to 6:00PM and Sunday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. For more information, follow Mojo Vinyl on Facebook and Instagram, or call (678) 534-5042.


Mojo Vinyl Records is an independent record store in historic Roswell,...