Roswell CVB | Monarchs and Milkweed
Posted June 01

Monarchs and Milkweed

Want to know how you can directly impact the monarch butterfly population? Keep reading below!

Monarchs are probably the most well-known butterflies in North America. Sadly, the number of Monarchs seen in our gardens has been decreasing over the last decade. One of the factors that is causing this decrease is the loss of the Monarch caterpillars’ food plant, namely, milkweeds. The good news is that planting milkweed is one of the easiest ways that each of us can make a difference for monarchs. There are several dozen species of this wildflower native to North America, so no matter where you live, there is at least one milkweed species naturally found in your area.

During the Butterfly Festival experts will be on hand to give you advice on how to attract pollinators to your own garden. Pollinator and host plants native to Georgia will be on sale. Bring your camera to capture these fantastic, fluttering creatures up close as these illusive insects land on people and flowers.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Chattahoochee Nature Center's two plant sale's per year. Visit the plant sale to get a milkweed plant for your home to directly provide a safe space for monarch butterflies to hatch!


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