Posted October 25 | by Danielle Purdie

Crafted in Roswell – Craft Your Perfect Experience

Roswell has a lot of very talented people who are serving up ways to make your time spent here even more enjoyable.

In this little city we love, there are countless ways to craft your perfect experience. The lively local beer, craft cocktail, and wine scene in Roswell is something to definitely take advantage of and so, we created Crafted in Roswell as a fun way to showcase our city. The flavors, recipes and combos that the tasting rooms, breweries and restaurants bring to the table (literally…ha) make you want to come back again and again.

What is Crafted in Roswell and how does it work?

Crafted in Roswell is a brochure that we created with our partners throughout the city to showcase their talents. It’s a fun way for you to explore Roswell through food and drink with an incentive at the end. So keep reading to learn how to get that prize!

  1. Pick up a Crafted in Roswell brochure at our office located at 617 Atlanta Street or at a participating location.
  2. Order food or drink and ask the staff to sign off on the brochure.
  3. Collect a minimum of 6 signatures (there’s 34 participating locations, so you have options) and bring the brochure back to our office
  4. Earn a FREE engraved collector’s glass. Pretty cool, right?
    The brochure doesn’t expire, so take your time collecting signatures and enjoy the deliciousness that is the food and beverage scene in Roswell.

The participating locations range from local restaurants, tasting rooms with wine and beer, to craft breweries. They each have their own personalities and types of food and drink they focus on. So, go forth and explore! Share your dining and sipping adventures with us by using #CraftedinRoswell.


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