A New Year’s Resolution to Experience Roswell Georgia

A New Year’s Resolution to Experience Roswell Georgia

It’s that time of the year when people tend to make promises that they will eat better, exercise, etc.  Those resolutions work well for a few weeks and then are forgotten.  How about resolutions that are fun?

Resolve to learn a little bit of history:  From antebellum house museums to the ruins of the mills that were part of the founding of Roswell and helped drive the economy of the State of Georgia, there is so much to tour and experience in Roswell.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/history  To locate the 43 sites of interest, pick up a walking tour map at the Roswell Visitors Center or download your own. www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/history/self-guided-walking-tour

Resolve to commune with nature in Roswell:  From Roswell’s parks along the Chattahoochee River and miles of trails throughout the city to the Chattahoochee Nature Center, there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors. www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/nature

Resolve to experience a little bit of culture:  Roswell’s Cultural Arts Center is home to the Georgia Ensemble Theatre and many more opportunities to experience music, plays, puppet shows, and dance, throughout the year.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/performing-arts   If you prefer visual arts, Roswell is home to many art galleries and creative spaces where you can enjoy artwork and even try your hand at your own creation.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/visual-arts

Resolve to try a new menu:  Roswell has a wide range of restaurants from award winning one-of-a-kind dining opportunities to family friendly fare.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/restaurants

Resolve to experience Roswell’s Breweries:  Four breweries offer unique tasting opportunities.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/brewery-tours

While you’re enjoying all that Roswell has to offer, you’ll want to spend the night.  Roswell has lodging facilities to fit every budget.  www.visitroswellga.com/what-to-do/lodging

Roswell is ready and waiting to help you to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution!

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